Superior Packaging

Superior Packaging

Graphic Components December Newsletter

Superior Packaging

Graphic Components provides another benefit – superior packaging – which allows for clear visibility of each sign, while providing safe transport from our shop to yours and to the ultimate installation destination. The film is easily removable at the point of installation. The Superior Packaging method is exclusive to Graphic Components.

  • Signs are placed onto corrugated pads
  • Shrink film is heated then vacuum applied to hold the signs securely in place
  • Signs on pads are packed into double wall cartons for safe transport
  • Note the border, which provides extra protection if the box is handled roughly.

Check out more processes on our website!

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The Triad’s 50 Fastest-Growing, Private Companies of 2018

The Triad’s 50 Fastest-Growing, Private Companies of 2018

Graphic Components Ranked #28 in the 2018 FAST 50

Triad Business Journal recognizes the leading private companies based in the Piedmont Triad region that build up the local economy year after year by investing, growing, expanding and hiring. They announced the 2018 Fast 50 recipients, the list of the 50 fastest-growing privately held companies in the Triad.

Smith Leonard, the accounting sponsor, has verified and ranked the nominated companies.

One of the most revealing aspects of this year’s recipients is the diversity of the industries represented. Our list ranges from manufacturers to furniture firms to construction companies. The technology sector is also represented, along with transportation, logistics, staffing, retail and professional services.

To be considered, companies must be for-profits with their U.S. headquarters based in the Triad. They must have completed three full fiscal years and had $2 million or more in revenues in 2017. Smith Leonard verifies company revenues for a three-year window and then ranks the companies using a formula that considers both dollar and percentage growth.


October Newsletter

Why “Wholesale” Is Important To Our Customers

august newsletter

Graphic Components August Newsletter

Why “Wholesale” Is Important To Our Customers

You will notice that “Wholesale” is bolded in our logo. This is intentional as we believe this is very important to our customers. Why?

  • We are totally focused on satisfying the needs of our sign company customers
  • We never do business with end users
  • Our overhead is low so that we can give our sign company customers wholesale prices
  • We will never be a competitor to our sign company customers
  • Our sign company customers can count on us to keep their information confidential
  • All we do is fabricate ADA and Interior Signs for our sign company customers
  • We are experts in this niche
  • We have invested 100’s of thousands of $’s for equipment to manufacture ADA and Interior Signs for sign companies so that you can count on us to manufacture every type of sign configuration
  • With our focus on this niche and our sign company customer base you can count on Graphic Components to be able to provide complete packages of signs for ADA and Interior projects


You can count on Graphic Components to be your wholesale ADA and Interior Sign Partner today and tomorrow! Call us today for a quote with your interior signage needs!

Graphic Component Featured in Recent Article by MULTICAM

Graphic Components Featured in Recent Article by MULTICAM

Graphic Components was recently featured in an article by MULTICAM, a premier CNC Cutting Machine company with an expansive service network throughout the United States. Graphic Components uses a MULTICAM APEX3R CNC Router to achieve products at fast production settings. In this article, we discuss why we chose this product, how we use it, and the advantages we’ve experienced since buying it for our signage shop. Here are some highlights from the article that our customers found the most valuable.

What do you like most about the MULTICAM machine and what makes it the right choice for your applications? Approximately how much time did it save you?

“We used to do routing manually/painstakingly versus being able to incorporate the camera registration into a lot of our processes. Now we’re able to add/print registration dots to the art work so we don’t have to worry about keeping the sheets square. The camera itself automatically squares the sheet on the table and cuts it very accurately.”

“Basically, we’ve been able to save a lot of time by using the camera and automatic multi-tool changer whereas on the old router we had to change bits manually between each different path we wanted to do. I would almost guarantee we spend 50% less time routing our pieces with the APEX3R CNC Router from the process we used to do before.”

What type of material(s) and/or parts do you frequently cut?

“Especially for the MULTICAM Router we cut a lot ADA compliant signage and architectural interior signage (i.e. apartment and hospital signage) out of acrylic, aluminum, PVC, HDU, and photopolymer.”

Read the full article HERE.

CNC Custom ADA Sign

When Performance Counts…..You Can Count on Graphic Components

January Newsletter

When Performance Counts…..You Can Count on Graphic Components

As a leading fabricator of wholesale ADA signage and wholesale Interior signage, we take pride in our team’s focus on performance for our sign company customers.

Sign companies rely heavily on outsourcing of certain types of signs, such as ADA Room Identification and Wayfinding signs that require specialized equipment and manufacturing processes to be fabricated correctly. While some suppliers can make these signs they struggle to get them done in the promised lead times. This causes unnecessary stress for the sign company.

At Graphic Components our company culture revolves around our providing superior customer service. We hold daily meetings focusing what needs to be done to ensure that we ship our customers’ orders complete and on-time.

Even while we experienced growth of 37% in 2017, we still maintained an enviable and industry leading 97% of all orders shipped complete and on-time!

Proof that “When Performance Counts…..You Can Count on Graphic Components”!

Partnership Promise

Partnership Promise

As a leading fabricator of wholesale ADA signage and wholesale Interior signage, we understand what our sign company customers need from us. We have geared our business and company culture to being great at providing what is most important.

Fast Quotes

We generally provide quotes in 1 business day, enhancing our customers' ability to respond to their clients.

Competitive Prices

It almost goes without saying, but our prices have to be competitive so that our customers can close more deals.

Superb Quality

Our skilled team members manufacture your wholesale ADA and Wholesale Interior Signs using state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials.

Complete & On-Time Delivery

Our sign company customers tell us that this is the most important task for us. Over the last several years we have averaged 98% of all orders shipped complete and on-time which allows our customers to plan their installations accurately and allows for them to focus on getting more sales.

Partnership Promise

CALL or write today to get your next wholesale ADA signage and wholesale Interior signage projects quoted!