ADA Lenses & Frames

ADA Lenses & Frames

ADA Lenses can be custom made to fit any curved or flat frame system, with the most common being Signet, Vista, JRS, and SignPro architectural frame systems. We can supply the frame system of your choice, or supply lenses only!


These modular frame systems are often used in office buildings, as the tenant logos or information can be easily updated by removing the lens and changing out a paper insert. If you were to remove the lens, you should find a very thin (between .040” and .060”) clear material that is a tight fit into channels inside the frames. Raised text is typically seen as Applique (see the Acrylic with Applique page for identification), but the entire lens can also be made using our Photopolymer method as well!


Our standard lens material is made from a clear modified acrylic that has a matte finish on one side for ADA compliancy. The lens material is more flexible than standard acrylic, and will bend to fit into frames, even if they have a tight radius. The material also allows for precision laser cutting to ensure the smoothest of edges. The material is also available in standard colors, or can be subsurface painted to the color of your preference!

After being cut, “Appliqué” or applied graphics are added to the face, which are precision cut to the letters/pictograms needed. The lens also goes through an engraving process, in which holes are drilled, and Braille “Raster Beads” are inserted.

If logos or changable text is required, paper inserts can be provided with the lenses that would be digitally printed to your specifications. This can be used to incorporate tenant information, company logos, or directionals into the signage!


Lenses themselves are economical, and both the insert or entire lens can be replaced with future building changes.


The frames are typically a larger upfront investment, but provide a sleek design with a radius face. The same disadvantages of the raised text production method still apply, so check those sheets for other disadvantages of the text itself.


Conference Sliders, Printed inserts, Wood Laminates, Metal Laminates, and many more!