Color Fusion PLUS

Color Fusion PLUS Signs

Color Fusion PLUS signs utilize a unique process that will produce signs that stand out, and is great for full color graphics and logos on any material choice.


Color Fusion PLUS is a unique process most easily identified by the use of a digital print on the surface or subsurface of one or all of your sign plates. This is a different process than screen printed colors, as screen printed colors cannot utilize gradients, patterns, and easily variable prints. The entire face, or just certain areas could have the digital print. Although text can be featured in the Color Fusion PLUS Process, the signs that are needed to be ADA Compliant will still have the raised Appliqué or Photopolymer text, which can be identified using the “Acrylic with Appliqué” or “Photopolymer” Guide.


The ADA portion of the Color Fusion PLUS process is created similar to the Acrylic with Appliqué or Photopolymer processes. However, instead of a painted background, the background is created by utilizing a high resolution direct to substrate flatbed printer with incredible adhesion, quality, and color. The substrate possibilities are infinite, but the most commonly used is Non-Glare Acrylic for most ADA Signage needs. The digital print is applied to the face or back of the substrate, and will appear clean and crisp. After going through the Color Fusion PLUS Process, an “Appliqué” or applied graphics are added to the face, and precision cut to the letters or pictograms needed. The sign also goes through an engraving process, in which holes are drilled, and Braille “Raster Beads” are inserted. The beads will be clear and show the color of the digital print beneath. If the Photopolymer process is preferred, the process would typically come after the signs are painted, but before they are tipped.


Color Fusion PLUS is a great way to offer customized looks without a huge cost increase. The production method is speedy, and is a process not all in the signage industry can offer, especially with the quality and adhesion that Color Fusion PLUS offers. It also has many easy-to-produce “add-ons” keeping customizing costs low. Since the acrylic is precision laser cut, it can offer custom shapes and sizes that can work together with your digital prints to offer a truly unique product!


Color Fusion PLUS typically increases the cost compared to a solid painted background, but the perceived value is much greater, enabling you to increase your markup if desired. For ADA disadvantages, see the individual ADA Guides for the “Acrylic with Applique” or “Photopolymer” processes.


VHB Tape for mounting, Holes Drilled/Countersunk for Mounting, Radius Corners, Beveled Edges, Accent Bars, Back Plates, Cubicle Hangers, Window Areas for Paper Inserts, Conference Sliders, Wood Laminates, Metal Laminates, Inserted in Frames, and many more!